We solely work for consumers. Short term investments on the money market or participation on the foreign exchange markets are not in our focus.

The long-term capital market may be characterized by

  • More intense government and European control especially under the aspect of consumer protection
  • the fight against money laundering and the financing of terror and organized crime
  • Raising of the requirements on independent brokers
  • Exaggerating written form and formularization of all procedures
  • Increasing competition
  • Globalization of markets and investment instruments
  • There is a vast multitude of suppliers and products
  • The complexity of the market very often causes investors’ disappointment. Regrettably we see frequent cases of losses due to poor advice, to wrong estimations of the reliability of the suppliers, due to unskilled management or to genuine fraud.

The insurance brokerage Dr. Nemling is an experienced, independent financial services firm provided with all necessary legal authorization for advice and procurement of insurance contracts (§94 Z76 GewO) and for commercial mediation of securities (§136b GewO, §94 Z75 and 77 GewO, §2 (1) Z15 WAG).

We would be delighted to consult you on the diverse offerings of instruments of investment  so you can choose the most suitable products for your needs.

The client structure focuses on self-employed professionals, freelancers, service business and upscale private individuals. We know each customer personally. Our objective is to bring about long-term customer satisfaction by providing competent and diligent service.

We are members of the honorary board of arbitration for financial service providers.