The Client Takes the Center Stage

Dr. Nemling is an experienced and independent insurance and investment brokerage firm, provided with all necessary legal authorization. The business is owned by Dr. Robert Nemling and was established in 1998.

The client structure focuses on self-employed professionals, freelancers, service business and upscale private individuals. We know each customer personally.

We have cooperation agreements with all Austrian and registered non-Austrian quality providers in the fields of life, non-life and investment as well. Therefore we are capable of offering the best solutions available in the market, meeting the clients’ requirements in a confidential and flexible way.

An orderly loss service is a given. Our objective is to bring about long-term customer satisfaction by providing competent and diligent service.

Our professional liability insurance is contracted with Allianz Global Corporate via Lloyd’s of London.

Please make use of the information displayed. Do you want to get documentation on a special topic ? Do you have questions ? Do you wish to get an offer ? May we call you ?

Please give us a ring, a fax or an e-mail making use of the prepared form facilitated under “contact”. Thank you