The Austrian insurance market may be characterized by

  • More intense government and European control especially under the aspect of consumer protection
  • Raising of the requirements for independent brokers
  • Increasing competition
  • Internationalization of markets and insurance products

Dr. Nemling is an experienced and independent insurance and investment brokerage firm, provided with all necessary legal authorization.

The client structure focuses on self-employed professionals, freelancers, service business and upscale private individuals. We know each customer personally.

We have cooperation agreements with all Austrian and many non-Austrian quality providers in the fields of life insurance and non-life as well. Therefore we are capable of offering the best solutions available in the market meeting the clients’ requirements in a confidential and flexible way.

We are subscribers of market ranking programs, so in the most popular insurance lines we are in the position to quickly assess coverage in an optimal value for money. In more special cases we invite to tender or negotiate the details with the insurance companies.

An orderly loss service is a given. Our objective is to bring about long-term customer satisfaction by providing competent and diligent service.