Gold and Silver

The mysteries in connection with the noble metals gold and silver have a long history and many reasons. I emphasize the properties brilliance, rareness, cost of production and permanence.

Examine your requirements and assess them according to the criteria of the “magic triangle of investment”:

Security, the first corner of the magic triangle:
One has to accept that the prices can oscillate intensely, up and down as well. A total loss is nearly impossible or at least extremely improbable.

Performance, the second corner of the magic triangle:

Liquidity, the third corner of the magic triangle:
Very good

And still two very important criteria of security:

Very high and much easier than with real estate e.g. which always has to be left behind (creditors, political reasons). Think of the little volume in comparison to pieces of art and antiques.

Catastrophe precaution:
Very suitable

As a summary I come to the proposition that an addition of gold or silver in a range of
5-10 % to every long-time investment can be strongly recommended. I cooperate with “Goldpartner” who supply gold and silver from the manufacturer directly (Emirates, Heraeuswerke) with hourly adjusted prices (without silly bagatelles and velvet boxes). The actual prices and the selection are available at